Not sure if you want to purchase investment real estate?

Investment Real Estate is not for everyone however, for those that want more control, higher returns and security in their investments, Real Estate offers it all.

If you like the returns that Real Estate offers but don't want to be a landlord, consider doing a Joint Venture. Joint Ventures have many different facets but in essence, Party A finds a suitable property and Party B supplies the initial investment and financing. Party A then manages the property, finds tenants, maintains the property, collects rent etc. Both parties share equally any future repairs or expenses and both parties share the returns 50/50.

Party B, wants to be a Real Estate Investor but does not want the hassle of the day to day operations, hence the 50/50 split.

When you place you funds in a bank or with an investment firm, do they really "manage" your money or just keep it in their possession and blame the markets for down turns, while boasting of the great returns when the market goes up. Look at your RRSP's, Mutual funds etc and how much control do you really have? You decide when you buy and when you sell, that's it for your control.

Have you ever been told by your Money Manager or Banker, Mr & Mrs Investor, the market has corrected and the entire market is down however, as you are in for the long term, it will come back so don't panic and sell. The reason you are told that is that if you take your money out, they will lose income because they get paid to manage your money whether you make or lose money, they don't care about your money as much as the care about their own income. Money Managers & Bankers make "earn" in the 31/2% range off your investment, whether it goes up or down & they get paid before they tell you your rate of return. Talk about transparency.....not!

When you invest in the markets, your bank or with a money manager you only get a return on every dollar you invest. Compare that to Real Estate where you only need to invest 20% to get a return on 100%.

When you purchace a property for $400,000., you'll provide an initial payment of $80,000. plus closing costs. Your rate of return is based on the $400,000. For example; the market increases by 1% which increases your Real Estate value by $4,000, which now is a rate of return of 5%, based on your 20% investment of $80,000. That's only the beginning, now calculate the mortgage buy down which the tenants pay, your rate of return can easily be over 20% per year, no matter what happens in the stock market or within your investment managers portfolio.

It's YOUR money and no one else cares more about it as you do! It's time to take total control of your investments. Contact me regarding Investment Real Estate and or Joint Ventures.

I am a REIN Member (Real Estate Investment Network), I own & manage investment Real Estate. I will work with you to becoming a Real Estate Investor to ensure your retirement program is controlled by yourself and not your bank, investment managers or Revenue Canada.

Take action now so you can take control of your financial future!

Contact me to arrange an appointment. I will work with you to get on the right track for your financial freedom, action plan.

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